Troy McClain

One of Donald Trump's favorite contestants from NBC's original series of The Apprentice, Troy McClain has gone on to become highly in demand for keynote speeches and meet and greet personal appearances. Troy McClain's story is different than most successful businessmen. He is not pedigreed or papered with long, rich lines of well-to-do ancestors or relatives. He has stumbled, struggled and finally discovered success through family bonds, persistence, creativity, Intelligence and commitment.

Troy McClain was born in Anchorage, Alaska in 1971. As the son of a construction worker, Troy's family moved from job to job, and in small towns and fishing villages like Kwethluk, Bethel, and Yakutat. Like other kids who moved from school to school, Troy was often in trouble, and he settled disputes with his fists.

In 1984, the McClain's adopted an Eskimo girl who after contracting spinal meningitis as an infant was left developmentally delayed and profoundly deaf. Troy's baby-sister, DoraLynn, became his best friend and would provide constant motivation for the rest of Troy's life.

In 1989, Troy's mother bought him a book that changed his life. The Art of the Deal by Donald Trump became Troy's inspiration to work hard and to be able to provide for his family so they would never have to worry about money. He promised his mother he would meet Mr. Trump someday. That year, Troy graduated from Mead High School in Spokane, and he put his promise in print. "Trump, I'm coming!" He circled it and mailed it to Mr. Trump after graduation.

After high school, college wasn't an option because of his mother and sister's need for financial support. Through hard work and street smarts, Troy began to make his fortune. He started a party promotion house, and in 1994 he opened his own health club. While juggling a variety of different entrepreneurial efforts, Troy also devoted his energies towards the Morning Star Boys' Ranch outside of Spokane, where he started a boxing program for troubled boys.

Troy made the leap into the mortgage and lending industry after spending several years in the health club business. Using tactics he learned from Mr. Trump's book, Troy was one of the top producers in 1995 for new hires in both fees and volume. By 1996, Troy worked in management for another bank in Boise, Idaho and developed a proven track record for breaking into new markets.

The move to Boise was fruitful in more ways than one - his career was thriving, his family was healthy and Troy was minutes away from world-class hunting and fishing. While working at a local bank, Troy met his wife Crystal, and the two were married in 2003.

Today, Troy McClain is a public speaker, mortgage broker, benefits consultant, real estate investor, lender, husband, brother, and son. Troy has fulfilled many promises - to his family and to himself. DoraLynn and his mother live in a house Troy purchased for them, he is happily married, and he has been to New York to meet his mentor and has millions of friends, fans, and believers along the way.

In June 2004, Pinnacle Financial Corporation, one of the East Coast's largest independently owned mortgage lenders, named Troy spokesman for the company's nationwide advertising campaign. This long term deal was brokered by Paul Mascioli of Mascioli Entertainment Corporation in Orlando, FL.

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